Caltech Astro Outreach Public Lecture Series

Galaxy Simulations Article in Caltech Letters

Growing Galaxies on your Laptop

#SoCaltech Feature in Caltech Magazine


Solar corona, taken in totality during the Great American Total Eclipse of 2017 in Jackson, ID.

USC Rocket Propulsion Lab Stuff


Left: Traveler launch, experienced CATO ~ 5 seconds into flight. Right: Myself with Traveler before launch.


Static fire of the Traveler motor, ignition ~15 sec. mark in video.

Del Grande II:

Designed at Del Taco, max speed/altitude ~ Mach 2, 21,000 feet.

Silver Spur III:

First rocket I flew, max speed/altitude ~ Mach 4.2, 52,000 feet.

USC Viterbi Student Spotlight:

Matthew Orr's Race to Space

USC Helioseismology Stuff

Mt. Wilson Observatory:

Mt. Wilson in the morning, from the top of the 60 ft solar tower.

Transit of Venus:

June 5, 2012. Composite image from large format film, taken using the 60 foot solar tower at Mt. Wilson, CA.

USC/AFRL CHAFF: Solar Thermal Propulsion

Hot Stuff:

Graphite crucible for on-sun testing of our solar concentrator, molten boron or bust.