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Growing Galaxies on your Laptop

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Local spiral galaxy NGC 7331, taken in 2020 at Lake Havasu, AZ.

Local dwarf spiral galaxy M33, taken in 2020 at Cottonwood Campground in Joshua Tree National Park.

Great Nebula in Orion (M42), taken in 2021 in Joshua Tree, CA.

Solar corona, taken in totality during the Great American Total Eclipse of 2017 in Jackson, ID.

USC Rocket Propulsion Lab Stuff


Left: Traveler launch, experienced CATO ~ 5 seconds into flight. Right: Myself with Traveler before launch.


Static fire of the Traveler motor, ignition ~15 sec. mark in video.

Del Grande II:

Designed at Del Taco, max speed/altitude ~ Mach 2, 21,000 feet.

Silver Spur III:

First rocket I flew, max speed/altitude ~ Mach 4.2, 52,000 feet.

USC Viterbi Student Spotlight:

Matthew Orr's Race to Space

USC Helioseismology Stuff

Mt. Wilson Observatory:

Mt. Wilson in the morning, from the top of the 60 ft solar tower.

Transit of Venus:

June 5, 2012. Composite image from large format film, taken using the 60 foot solar tower at Mt. Wilson, CA.

USC/AFRL CHAFF: Solar Thermal Propulsion

Hot Stuff:

Graphite crucible for on-sun testing of our solar concentrator, molten boron or bust.